The Braggs’ Legacy

Learn all about crystallography from a movie made by Diamond Light Source to celebrate 100 years of crystallography!

The Royal Institution Crystallography Collection

The Royal Institution in collaboration with STFC have created a Crystallography Collection on their website with a number of videos describing crystallography and diffraction, as well as videos on the history of this important area. More recently they have created two videos entitled ‘Understanding Crystallography: Part 1 and 2’.  These […]

Woman’s Hour Collection: Dame Kathleen Lonsdale

Dame Kathleen Lonsdale was a pioneering woman scientist in the field of crystallography. Her discovery in 1929 that the benzene ring was flat, using X-ray diffraction methods, led to her being considered as one of the leading women in science. She was one of the first women elected as a […]


Crystallography365 are blogging a crystal structure a day to celebrate the International Year of Crystallography.  Check out their website!    

How much do you know about the two Braggs?

The father and son team who were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1915 “for their services in the analysis of crystal structure by means of X-rays”. You don’t need to be a Nobel Laureate to take part; Stephen Soanes has kindly put together a quiz (just for fun) – you […]

Diamond Light Source celebrates 100 years of Crystallography

That scientific principle of diffraction of X-rays by crytals, discovered in 1913, by father and son William and Lawrence Bragg has made possible much of the materials research that today takes place at Diamond Light Source. To mark the occasion, Dr John Jenkin, the biographer of the British scientific duo, […]