Education and Outreach Coordinators

SJC OutreachSimon C in the Lab

Simon Coles (@colessj) is the current coordinator – he runs the UK National Crystallography Service at the University of Southampton where Education and Outreach are key aspects of the centre and also the Chemistry department.

Simon is assisted by representatives from each of the BCA groups:
Physical Crystallography Group – Mike Glazer (Oxford)
Chemical Crystallography Group – Graham Tizzard (Southampton)
Biological Structures Group – Vacant
Young Crystallographers Group – Vacant
The Industrial Group link is David Beveridge

Previous Coordinators

claire_murrayClaire Murray

Lynne_ThomasLynne Thomas
Anna_WarrenAnna Warren


Claire is a beamline scientist at Diamond Light Source.

Lynne is a Research Fellow at the University of Bath. She uses crystallography to understand the way that molecules arrange in a solid and give rise to useful properties like solubility (for pharmaceutical molecules), colour and materials with channels which can be useful for holding gas molecules such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide for example.

Anna is a researcher at Diamond Light Source. She uses the very high intensity X-rays available at Diamond to look inside crystals of biological materials to try and understand how they work.